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Meet Quarantined Dreamer: Jimmy Tessier

Updated: May 13, 2020

Jimmy Tessier has never allowed any life circumstance hinder him from reaching and conquering any goal he set out for himself. He was raised as the only child of a Haitian immigrant single parent mother, and he is now a husband and father to his two young girls. Despite any adversities that may have come his way, he still persevered and made sure that he was known for being more than just a son, husband, and father. He is on a mission to leave behind an amazing legacy for his children through his impactful business ventures, and he will not let social distancing hold him back!

Jimmy and I are first cousins, and since we were younger, we seemed to have mirrored a lot of the same aspirations in life; one of them being that we have always desired to be our own boss. We were and have always remained ambitious and persuasive individuals that found ways to turn any negative into a positive, any no into a yes, and never stood down in the face of our challenges. We always knew we were destined for greatness no matter what! But, this story is not about me this month,

this is about my beloved cousin and entrepreneur, Jimmy Tessier.

My lifelong dream is to create a business/brand that will leave a legacy that my family and my children can be proud of. The goal is to leave a legacy for the next generation of Tessier’s to carry on.

Never Settling

Jimmy's parents split before he was born, so he never had a father or true father figure around his entire life. As a young man, Jimmy initiated all the attempts to connect with his father, however the gesture was rarely reciprocated, and if it was, it was never long lasting. He may bump into father once every 8-10 years, and this inconsistency has had a profound effect on him. "It effected how I saw myself, how I allowed myself to be treated by “friends”, family members, girlfriends, etc. But I never really knew just how much I was effected until I held my eldest daughter in my arms for the first time. I knew from that moment on, NOTHING will ever stop me from being there for her."

Once Jimmy became a father, he had an epiphany asking himself, "how could any father not want to have this?!” and from that moment on, he promised himself he would never be like his dad, an absentee father.

This epiphany caused Jimmy over the years to dive deep into fatherhood and discussions around how to be the best father he can be. He then realize within his close friend circle that he wasn’t alone in his passion for fatherhood, and his closest friends were just as passionate as he was. This new realization encouraged him and his 4 closest friends to create a non-profit organization entitled, Daddies Do Care, Inc. This organization is a community of fathers who love being dads, and for new fathers that aspire to be amazing dads in the lives of their children.

Daddies Do Care, Inc is focused on fathers who do not have access to the resources to maintain a healthy relationship with their kids, and also for children who are growing up without a father in the household. Since Jimmy was once that child, he knows how to be empathetic to the experience of the children raised without a father.

Jimmy Tessier and his daughters Gabby,6 & Renee, 10
My children are my passion and everything I do is for them. My goal in life is to make sure they have whatever they need in order to be happy, successful & independent. I want my children to understand the meaning of hard work, hustle and responsibility.

Keeping the Dreams Alive During Quarantine Season

In order to keep his dreams alive, Jimmy is well aware that he has to continuously recreate himself, hustle, make the necessary connections, & lay the foundation down for his daughters in order for them to have a better path than he had. Therefore, Jimmy became a serial entrepreneur way before the launch of Daddies Do Care, Inc. He tapped into things that he has always been interested in such as real estate.

Jimmy has been a Licensed Real Estate Agent in New Jersey since 2014 selling homes & investment properties to families and other like-minded go-getter business owners. He has done so well with the agency he currently works with that he decided to, of course, create his own Real Estate brand entitled,

Mr. Tessier Real Estate, where he is focused on assisting underprivileged individuals in believing that they too can own a piece of the "American Dream" by investing in Real Estate, even throughout this pandemic which has us quarantined until further notice. Jimmy takes pride in doing what he needs to do for his clients which in turn allows him to consistently create the life that he wants and needs his family to live.

Despite all of these personal accomplishments with his businesses, Jimmy is still not satisfied; a common trait of most serial entrepreneurs. Within the next 2-3 months, Jimmy is excited to launch a personal passion project, and I am really looking forward to see what he will bless us with next!

Jimmy advises us to "Bet on yourself and ask yourself daily, 'Why not me?!'"

I think that advice will carry us through this pandemic and beyond as I am convinced we are not going to walk out of this the same way we walked into this pandemic.

So just like Jimmy, continue to keep your dreams alive and never stop chasing them to make them come true, dreamers. You got this!

You can find Jimmy on social media via IG





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