Meet Courtney Thomas: Fitness Enthusiast bringing awareness on "FITSTREET"

Courtney Thomas and I have know one another for about 20 years, and I must admit that the young adolescent boy that once was has evolved into a man on a mission to educate others on the importance of fitness and nutrition. Courtney has always been a humorous, intelligent and focused guy, and these are some of the reasons why I am so excited to feature him as our Colorful Dreamer this month. He is bold in his mission to educate the masses on the importance of implementing health, fitness, and wellness as a lifestyle for us all. He is amazing in his feat and it is vital that you all get to know the man behind this fitness expedition.

For the past few years, I began to witness Courtney's invested interest in nutrition, which progressed into his focused on fitness, and now both has been implemented as his own personal lifestyle; he strives to lead by example. Five years ago, he was determined to become a personal trainer, and once he received his certification, he knew that this decision would shift the trajectory of his career in the health and wellness industry. The passion Courtney embodies, mixed with his charisma, was the recipe needed in order for him to create and launch his own health and fitness business, Fitstreetwhich just received its official LLC!

"When I began my fitness journey I started making changes pretty quick. I realized that disciplining myself wasn’t that hard. I had a number of people ask about what I was doing and I was very eager to give advice and tips. That was when I realized that I could help a lot of people by becoming a trainer. By then I had changed my lifestyle and I wanted to show others that they could do the same." 

The mission of Fitstreet is simple; it's to educate people, and he does that with his personal fitness training, group classes, and his bootcamps. Courtney had reached a point in his career where he began to realize how much false information there was in the media about nutrition and fitness, and he is determined to correct all the wrongs for his future clients. He is a man of integrity that strives to provide people the truth, and his goal is to ensure that whomever he is in contact with will be able to say, 'this guy knows his stuff, and he is helping me change my life for the better.'

While working with his clients and learning where their points of wellness references derived from, Courtney realized that the bad habits they embodied were usually formed from how their parents raise them and the stories they created about health and wellness based on their own upbringing; it was a generational cycle of bad health, wellness, and fitness practices. Due to the impact of nature and nurture on the youth, Courtney's mission then expanded to include an intentional focus on the youth so he can debunk any myths surrounding health and fitness from an earlier age. He has found that providing the correct information about nutrition and fitness to children and their parents is extremely important in the mission to change the cycle of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. These two factors have lead to the very prevalent obesity issue that has been effecting our country year over year. 

To help bring more awareness and exposure to the mission of his brand, Courtney has set up several social media pages, and most recently he has created an apparel line which has the Fitstreet name on it, and another t-shirt which states, I Am Not Average. He has also added headbands to the inventory, and has some ideas to be a change agent within the fitness fashion industry. In the next few years, Courtney plans to join the likes of Kate Hudson, Founder of Fabletics, by adding a global fitness clothing line onto his brand resume. I will not be surprised when Fitstreet becomes a household name for fitness enthusiasts around the world! Another long term goal for Courtney is to have his own health, wellness, and fitness facility.

"I am determined to remain a good person and continue building while remaining true to myself. I don’t think you can go wrong that way."

Outside of his fitness world, Courtney has a beautiful 11 year old daughter which is his namesake. Everything that drives him and his brand, Fitstreet, is centered around her; she is the 'why' in his life. According to him, as long as she continues to believe that he is the best dad in the world, then he will continue to have confirmation of a job well done in her eyes. Since he is a firm believer that people of color are not represented well in the media due to the unrealistic expectations and qualifications that are placed on us to reach certain levels within the industry, Courtney is adamant about leaving a legacy as a black fitness professional not only for himself, but for his daughter and his family.

Overall, Courtney does not want his daughter to live her adult life taking care of him due to his lack of concern to implement a healthy lifestyle into his life. Too often, children of parents that did a horrible job of taking care of themselves, leave the burden of their bad choices on their adult children, and Courtney is determined not to be one of those parents. He is doing all that he can so that he can grow old while remaining healthy and self-sufficient. As he remains consistent in taking care of himself, while growing his brand, he hopes to ensure that he is a role model to his friends and family.

Outside of his current and future clients, Courtney needs everyone in his circle of love and support to be educated on the importance of taking care of your body not only for yourself, but for your children and overall, your family. That is what the Fitstreet brand is all about-- self- awareness, self-correction, and putting action towards your fitness goals. We hope you take the time to learn more on how to be a part of his awe-inspiring Fitstreet movement, you won't regret it!

To contact Courtney Thomas about signing up for any of his classes, please follow him on social media via InstagramFacebookTwitter.

Images Provided by: Fitstreet, LLC

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