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Meet Atiyah McDaniels: CEO of A Boss Academy

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Atiyah McDaniels is a Mompreneur, Business Coach, and Author based out of New Jersey, who, over the last five years, has constructed a brand focused on helping women of all demographics achieve their business goals.

Currently, she is focused on launching her new business venture A Boss Academy, an online course teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to successfully start their own business. In addition to this business, Atiyah is also the Founder and CEO of her first business, Intense Beauté by MtrlGirl®, a virgin hair extensions and lifestyle company, that she is currently focused on expanding globally. In addition to all of these accomplishments, Atiyah alone is a brand, coining the name Mtrgirl on her personal social media accounts.

Long story short, Atiyah McDaniels is a #BOSSQUEEN under the age of 30!

Lemons = Lemonade

With all of these accolades, you would think that Atiyah was a very extroverted person, when in all actuality she states, "I am very shy...but the thing about me is that I push myself to do things I have never done or would never do." That statement made me realize how much her and I are alike because although I am an ambivert, I also like to challenge myself to accomplish new goals and sometimes, I surprise myself and surpass those goals; nonetheless, like any other story of success, comes the back story of challenges.

This all started when Atiyah dropped out of college in 2016, deciding to bet on herself, and became a full-time entrepreneur after she launched Intense Beauté by MtrlGirl®. In just one short year, she grew the small, home-based business into a 6-

figure company with customers worldwide! Now, Atiyah being a proactive thinker, assumed that many people, specifically women, would become curious about how she started a hair extension company at such a young age, but if you ask her, she will tell you that "It is easier than you think!"

She also anticipated that these same people would want to know what comes next after launching a company, how to make that business profitable, and most importantly, how to keep a successful, lucrative momentum going? Well, out of her proactive mindset birthed Atiyah the Author, who has now published 4 Books!! Her books and online course, A Boss Academy, is a testament of how Atiyah prides herself on not only being successful for herself, but is will to help others do the same! Because of this selfless act alone, I am sure God will see to it that all the blessings continue to flow through Atiyah, her family, her businesses, and brand overall.

Despite all of her success, Atiyah has pushed through some trials and tribulations while caring for her young daughter, Nahla. Those trials began to take a toll on her mental health, altered the thoughts she had about herself, and her self-esteem was extremely challenged during that time in her life. As a result of this, Atiyah began to lose the confidence she had gained while she created her businesses from scratch, and while writing her books designed to inspire & motivate other women to be their own boss too. She eventually mustered up the strength and self- confidence needed to push through those adversities, and after realizing her strength, she was inspired to love herself more. That courageous act continues to fuel the perseverance she exhibits that has, and continues to help her heal after pushing through what was meant to break her.

Atiyah is quiet yet her presence, confidence, and business savviness, is LOUD!

She is truly a force to be reckoned with, equipped with many personal & professional gems to share, and my hope is that these amazing tips assist you in becoming the BOSS you are destined to be.

Here are a few #BossGems:

1. Challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone to do things you never thought you could do.

- When you reach a level that were unable to see in a million years, it feels so good once its reached.

2. In order to reach new levels, you have to pay it forward by helping someone else.

- Share your knowledge & help others.

3. If you want to get to the next level, you have to push yourself.

- No one else will get you there; you have to have the discipline to do it yourself.

4. Don't rush the journey.

- You are supposed to learn everything as you go & will not know everything right away

5. Do what makes you happy, that is how you find your niche.

- I started selling hair, because I love hair extensions and that it makes me feel good!

6. Take direction and guidance from people you admire.

- You have to network and elevate UP & pick the brain of people that are where you want to be

7. Try everything.

- Nothing is off limits when it comes to business.

- Try different marketing techniques, products, & vendors.

- You are entering an unknown territory that will help you find your niche.

- Atiyah McDaniels,

CEO & Founder


To add your name onto the waitlist for Atiyah's, A Boss Academy online course, click here

and keep up with the Mtrlgirl on

her website and:

- IG

- YouTube

- Facebook

No matter what, never forget to:

Be Audacious.

Be Fearless.

Be Intentional.


Lead with Love.


Love Always,

Your Dope Colorful Dreamer,

Myrna 🙏🏾💜

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