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The Bourbon Ball NYC



Dominek, told me about The Bourbon Ball, I placed it on my events bucket list for the year. After doing some personal research about this event, I was convinced it was where my friends and I needed to be since we love to dress up and sip on great cocktails, & not to mention I wanted to feature it on my blog to share with other Dreamers! The event held on Friday,September 29th at Milk River in Brooklyn sponsored by Lucien Lemonade & J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey, was where diverse millennials came out to dress up and drink top shelf bourbon with other equally dapper & exquisite men and women. The atmosphere was that of the Harlem Renaissance-black fashion era and did not disappoint my friends and I; we had a blast!!

Cornelius Rouse is a 'Colorful Dreamer.' He decided to take his love of bourbon and share it with everyone he could, and he chose to do that by creating The Bourbon Ball in 2016 where he threw his first event in Washington, DC. The one mission he had with the ball was to "Put outstanding whiskey in the hands of beautiful people to create amazing memories," and that he did. His plan is to host many more bourbon shindigs as it will be an annual event in DC and every year he will add one additional city to host The Bourbon Ball.

On pace with his goals, Cornelius had a few Bourbon Ball events this year in various cities:

January 14th, 2017 in New Orleans, LAMarch 18th 2017 in Atlanta, GA

September 29th 2017 in Brooklyn

and the next will be held where it originated in Washington, DC on November 11th 2017. 

I highly recommend you grab a group of friends, click here to get your tickets, buy or rent the most stylish outfit you can, and take a road trip to attend this great event- you won't regret it. We salute Cornelius "Corn" Rouse for bringing his dream to life by creating this unique event. What he has done with his dreams proves that we too can make our dreams come true; no matter what they may be. Cheers to that!




Images by Myrna L. Datilus

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