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Meet Rich Domond: Building a Legacy Brick by Brick

The sole mission behind, A Colorful Dreamer, is to feature dream chasers and people that have worked hard to make their lifelong dreams a reality. These people are not only dreamers that talk about what they want to do but are the ones that invest their blood, sweat, and tears to make things happen for their dreams to come true. That type of drive and ambition makes me think of a dear friend of mine, Mr. Richardson Domond.

“The most valuable asset is Real Estate in America and anywhere else in the world. Once you have that you’re able to move around financially because you have collateral. While leaving a legacy behind is important to me, I also feel it’s imperative for everyone to recognize the value in establishing some form of legacy through owning assets. I am committed to doing my part through Real Estate because this is the route I am destined to take!” – Richardson Domond

I have come to know Rich as a humble, hard-working, and driven man. Mr. Domond has one mission in life- to leave an amazing legacy behind with his success. He was born and raised in Haiti, and in his adolescence, he migrated to the United States determined to win no matter what risks he had to take! In the two decades that I’ve known Rich, I have never heard him complain about the trials & tribulations that come unexpectedly. Even after the loss of his mother, who was his best friend, he still chose to keep his eyes on the prize.

The prize is his brand and company, Heritage Legacy Holdings.

Having a legacy that starts with Haitian heritage. This is something that is near and dear to Rich, and I, share the same sentiments. Although I was born here in the USA, my parents migrated here from Haiti when they were in their 20’s with one mission in mind: to be successful no matter what the circumstances. They worked hard so my sisters and I didn’t have to, but it was in us to do so; it was in our blood. Due to the seeds, my parents sowed, my sisters and I reaped a beautiful and respectful legacy that follows us everywhere we go.

After my parents were married, they owned every house they ever lived in. I learned how to manage tenants by observing my parents. Rich, on the other hand, broke into the real estate market once he realized that he had a knack for rehabilitating homes. “The purpose of my brand is to define my authentic style and design in the world of real estate development. When I started renovating and selling homes I had no blueprint, I just had in my mind what I liked.” Noticing there was a void in the market for affordable quality homes and rentals, for working-class young adults in urban areas, Rich decided to be the solution to that problem and became the Founder & CEO of  Heritage Legacy Holdings.

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“Coming to the United States as an immigrant, you are forced to create your own legacy since you have no familial ties to such a foreign land. Whether your experience is negative or positive, you must make a conscious decision to create it and build on it.” – Richardson Domond

In the next few years, the end goal would be to see his company transition into an “entity that builds more community awareness through home ownership and workshops to help teenagers know the value in maintaining good credit, financial planning and community political involvement.” While he enjoys placing people in homes, ensuring them that he can keep them in their homes is another mission. “I want to remind new homeowners that’s it’s not difficult to acquire a home, it may just take a little more legwork, but in the end, it will be all worth it because you are building your own legacy.” A huge factor in building your personal brand which leads to your legacy is giving back; especially to the youth.

“My why is my Legacy and living up to my parents expectations by respecting the sacrifices they endured to pave a way for me to maintain the Legacy. Having that sense of pride about where I come from, where I am now and where I want to be is why I continue to push. Knowing people are watching me and cheering for me to achieve these goals that others may feel are unattainable because of where I come from, fuels me even more.” – Richardson Domond

Going back home to Haiti to help build an impactful legacy in some impoverished areas of the country is another long-term goal for Rich. He is determined to encourage the people of the first free land to be proud of their amazing, historic heritage. But he knows this is all a work in progress. “I want to ensure I take all the necessary measures to do it right. So I have been diligently working behind the scenes to set everything up so when I finally make that move it will be a place where people feel the same pride I feel when I say I’m Haitian.”


Everything is possible and nothing is impossible when it comes to Rich.  Mr. Domond’s successful journey lead to his feature in Black Enterprise Magazine in 2016 as their “BE Modern Man,” where he dropped some gems that many people need to read and let sink into the innermost areas of their hearts and minds. As a sales professional, writer, and event planner, everything that he posts on social media resonates with me. No matter the profession, the same ingredients are needed to succeed: perseverance, drive, resilience, strong work ethic and having a “why.” I will conclude this with a quote from his Black Enterprise Magazine feature in hopes that it resonates with you as well.

“Believe in yourself. Believe in your brand. Remember, patience, discipline, and consistency is an attribute that you must have in this world to remain relevant and respected. I certainly didn’t do this alone and I thank each & every one of you who’s worked with me along the way. Building a strong team is a necessity in having a successful business and at this point, I am very lucky to have a core team that has been very instrumental in the continued goals Heritage Legacy Holdings has achieved thus far. I hope that my interactions with individuals are meaningful because I want my time here to be impactful by leaving people feeling confident in whatever mission they have in life.”– Richardson Domond, 2016 Black Enterprise Mondern Man

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