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Meet P H I L I P P E: Makings of a MultiMedia Mogul

Philippe A.K.A Jasmine Philippe is a Haitian American young woman, that is, like all of us, still figuring out who she is. However, as she moves through this life implementing the lessons she has been blessed to learn, she is determined to make her younger self proud of who she is today.  

Jasmine considers herself to be a Creative Multimedia Artist and Mogul. Over a decade ago, she began her creative, expressive journey as a  Hip-Hop recording artist which has assisted her in expanding into other creative ventures.

"Rapping opened the door for me to express creativity in many art forms, such as: freelance writing, art direction, and multimedia content creation."

When asked how she got her start in music and freelance writing, she informed me that both skills happened in an organic simultaneous way. Jasmine was never an avid writer when she was younger yet she enjoyed reading, and after joining the speech club in elementary school, she discovered a new love of public speaking. The confidence she exuded while speaking to a group of people, which fueled her ability to memorize & recite song lyrics, helped her evolve into the creative artist she is today.

When she began booking live shows and receiving amazing feedback on how she executed her bars, and how great her cadence was, it was then that Jasmine transitioned into simply....Philippe, realizing she was in fact a female lyricist. The feedback she received gave her the confidence she needed as a performer, and that solidified her as a legitimate music artist. Philippe states, "live crowds give you the raw response, so when the crowd is nodding their heads and approaching me after my performance, I knew I was official."

Being a black woman inspires everything I do while my Haitian culture influences my music. I speak out on the unique challenges I face while trying to pursue my happiness through my music. Currently, men have been a huge musical muse for me; that masculine energy is absolutely inspiring!

Philippe is very focused on the mission of her music, which is to make space for authenticity. Throughout her artistic journey, she has learned that people won't make space for you, and you must make space for yourself, and in doing that, be as authentic as possible. She hopes her music encourages others to be true to themselves, and most importantly, inspire people to speak boldly and unapologetically about their truths.

"My music allows me to make space for my unique creative expression. To show layers of myself. To try different sounds, styles, and approaches to making art."

Jasmine has an awesome vision for her brand within the next few years. She hopes to be a Creative Multimedia Director who will work with big brands that entrust her to add a beautiful amount of black girl magic on their digital content. "I want to be that go-to person brands seek out when they want to tap into the culture. When they try to execute campaigns without us, they always seem to miss the mark and come under extreme scrutiny, i.e., Dove, Pepsi, H&M, and Gucci to name a few. All of that could have been prevented if they had the right people of the culture working at executive levels in their corporate office." Very true!

Jasmine would like to recruit people of color to take lead on creative projects for big marketing and creative campaigns, while also overseeing everything from the concepts to the music. She also hopes to act as an Art Director where she would be able to use her own records in the commercials that she would help curate. All of her goals are in alignment with how she currently expresses herself, so I am sure securing these roles will not be a difficult task for her.

In addition to her already impressive creative resume, Jasmine also has a writing service, "Penned by Philippe" where she provides her clients with services such as:

- Resume creation and/or revisions

- Academic Papers & Assignments

- Business Proposals & Pitches

- Artist Bios

- Service Contract Agreements

- About Us/ Mission Statements

- Blog posts name a few.

She is a woman that is well aware of her God-given skills and talents which led me to ask Jasmine, as I do all my Colorful Dreamers, what is your why?

My "why" changes everyday. I'm just letting my intuition lead me to the answers of why I am living the life I live. Letting it guide my decisions as I continue to manifest my desires." 

I love to see a Haitian American woman, such as myself, thriving in her passions unapologetically! Jasmine Philippe, our Colorful Dreamer, we wish you much success in all your creative and artistic endeavors. We also look forward to seeing, reading, and hearing more from you in the very near future.

Check out her website, and find Jasmine on social media via

Facebook: JPhilippe

YouTube: Just Philippe

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