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Let me tell you a short story about 
A Colorful Dreamer....


Colorful Dreamers!

A Note from our Colorful Dreamer:

Myrna L. Datilus is the founder of  A Colorful Dreamer Agency & Dream in Color Events, an agency focused on assisting audacious entrepreneurs that are following their dreams and working hard in making them become a reality. The mission of her company is to consult and showcase brands and influencers through brand development & storytelling.


In the New York Metro area, her clients include:

* Actors

* Singers

* Music Producers

* Podcasters

* Fine Artists

* Fashion Designers


Before devoting her work full time to the Colorful Dreamer brand, Myrna has served as a sales professional at a few Fortune 500 telecommunications and tech companies where she became a change agent in their recruiting and events departments. Myrna has curated, hosted and promoted events for these companies which resulted in them changing the way they viewed and approached their tactics towards securing and sustaining more diverse talent for their companies. 


Myrna has had her written work cross published on platforms such as Black Enterprise and served as a contributing writer for small media companies.


In addition to being a professional consultant and writer, Myrna has a love for musical theatre, singing, dancing, brunching with friends, happy hours, her toy poodle named Ricky, and enjoys an occasional Bulleit Rye Old Fashion after a long day. 

Hello my name is Myrna L. Datilus and I have been a dreamer all of my life.

When my dream of being a Broadway star was deferred, I found myself living vicariously through other dreamers, and my blog now turned agency, is a tribute to them. I will feature a new dreamer each month, and as my list grows, I will feature my dreamers weekly, so please stay tuned!

My fellow dreamers have made the decision to follow their dreams no matter what their obstacles or circumstances may be, and I have learned so much from them all. I have also learned through this venture that, "I am you, you are me, and we are each other," meaning that we are all dreamers working hard to make whatever our personal dreams are, come true, and I want to help bring that to fruition.

I hope you enjoy the inspirational journey of my blog, reach out to me for my services, continue to follow your dreams, and allow me to help them come true.

Chat soon!


Myrna L. Datilus, M.A

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